What are the rules for a Bed & Breakfast in Amsterdam?

Are you thinking about starting a Bed & Breakfast yourself, and you are interested what rules you need to comply with? There are some conditions you must meet to be allowed to start a bed and breakfast before you can receive guests and you can let them enjoy the home, surroundings and breakfast. The rules that a bed and breakfast must meet include:

  • The house must have “living” as its purpose.
  • It may only be rented to four people at once. If more people are accommodated, it is seen as a hotel.
  • Up to 40% of the floor area must be used for a bed and breakfast.
  • You need to actually inhabit the property as its main occupant.
  • You must sign yourself in to the district as a bed and breakfast.
  • You must pay 5,5% tax to the DBGA.
  • Breakfast is free of tax.
  • Records must be kept.

Of course you must also register the bed and breakfast at the Chamber of Commerce and the Tax Office. Also consider a BUMA / SENA license for the provision of radio / TV. In addition to the rules, it is of course a lot of fun to run a bed and breakfast, but it must be a real passion to make it a success. Guests will appreciate it if you can tell everything about the location and give them tips. The cleaning and breakfast should be well arranged for guests in your bed and breakfast. For each bed and breakfast in Amsterdam, the same rules apply, so the quality is monitored.