What is cheap for a Bed & Breakfast in Amsterdam?

What is being considered cheap for a bed & breakfast, is obviously very dependent from person to person. What one person finds cheap, may not be considered inexpensive by someone else. What is certain is that a bed and breakfast is cheaper than a hotel. In addition to the fine atmosphere and personal hospitality you will experience at a bed and breakfast, it also makes a difference in your wallet. A night in a hotel in Amsterdam costs € 108 on average, compared to a bed & breakfast for € 74. For convenience, we consider whatever is below this average price to be cheap for a bed & breakfast, whilst a bed and breakfast in itself is already cheap. There is a big difference in price, but that’s not the only reason why people choose for a bed and breakfast. The feeling of coming home and the warm hospitality ensure that more and more people opt for a bed & breakfast instead of a hotel. Qualitatively, the bed and breakfasts are also very good! Most sites offer a lot of privacy and luxury.