Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam South

Amsterdam South is often seen as the more posh area of Amsterdam. This area includes the neighbourhood’s Old-Zuid and De Pijp. The most luxurious boutiques are found here, but also the world’s best museums. Amsterdam South is world class and, like every other district of Amsterdam, has its own charm. In De Pijp, something is always going on. You can get great food at one of the restaurants, but also go for a drink or a lunch, there are plenty of pubs and places where you can stay. Staying in a bed and breakfast in Amsterdam South is lovely, in a nice neighborhood in which you’re in the centre very quickly. The famous Museumplein is located in Amsterdam South.

The Museumplein is recognizable by the many museums that surround it. The Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum and Rijksmuseum adorn Amsterdam Zuid. You will also find also the Amsterdam Concertgebouw on the Museumplein. For the inhabitants of Amsterdam, Oud-Zuid the most desirable piece of Amsterdam, which also proves the immediate appeal of this neighbourhood and how special this part of Amsterdam really is. De Pijp offers, in addition to the culinary section, also places where you can enjoy shopping. With the Albert Kuypmarkt around the corner, you can use fresh ingredients and also buy nice clothes, jewelry, or other things. Amsterdam South is a place wherever you need to go even if you are staying in a bed and breakfast in another district, because there is plenty to do, see and experience!

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