Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam South-East (Arena)

A bed and breakfast in Amsterdam South-East is the ideal place after a concert, football or other occasion near the Amsterdam Arena stadium, Heineken Music Hall or Ziggodome. This way, you can go from a concert or other event right into your bed again, so that you don’t have to worry too much about traveling and you can enjoy the event until the end! Amsterdam Southeast consists of various neighbourhoods and districts including de Bullewijken, the Bijlmer, Gaasperdam and Venserpolder. Each part is easily accessible by public transport. Buses, subways and trains are available there. Thus, you can quickly and easily reach the centre of Amsterdam to enjoy the rest of what Amsterdam has to offer. Amsterdam South also has its own shopping centre, this is Amsterdam Port. You will find various shops in many areas here!

Every Monday and Thursday, there is a market at the Anton de Komplein, where the district office is also located. In addition, Amsterdam Southeast and the Amsterdam Arena are also filled with a lot of green. Several parks adorn this piece of Amsterdam, including the Nelson Mandela Park, the Bijlmerweide, the Gaasperpark and the Broekzijdse Polder. So you can once again enjoy the nature in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Southeast and the area near Amsterdam Arena are very diverse, so there is something for everyone in this area of Amsterdam. A bed and breakfast in this part of Amsterdam is therefore a very good choice if you want to feel, discover and see Amsterdam. Discover the wide range of bed and breakfasts in Amsterdam Southeast and bed and breakfast Amsterdam Arena.

Bed & Breakfast in Amsterdam